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Anara's Light ~ I

Anara's Light ~ II

Anara's Light ~ Chapter I

Images within the collage seen here are

cropped and text will not appear on

prints or the original.

Created during the grand cross conjunction & finished 25.4.2014 by Penelope Oakley ~ ~ with Anara Het Heru's light.

Massive gratitude to Anara Het Heru for her trust & support ~ her message to me was

"Capture the essence of my heart and love for all beings so that all who see it may have their hearts opened to heal, love and connect deeper to life to all, Bright Blessings."and that was the intention i set, within the painting my words of"With love and trust may i capture the essence of your heart......"

Both messages are joined together and written into the painting.In appreciation of Anara's faith and openness 10% of all sales originals & Limited Edition prints will be donated to Anara directly towards her book writing. If you would like me to create a painting of you and co-create with you also if you wish ~ please send me a private message ~ my intention is to see and create the 99% of you that is invisible and make it visible!

AnaraAll copy.jpg

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Question what our eyes tell us, as nothing is ever quite what it seems, peel back these layers, reveal real vision ~ in a sense, the essence of who we really are.

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