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SEPTEMBER 25, 2013

By Terry Blackjaz Muller

Penelope Oakley has been creating art for over 20 years in the mediums of painting, drawing, sculpture and digital art. She has had work exhibited as far afield as the USA and Italy and has been praised far and wide for her intellectual significance and sense of importance within the industry she is so passionate about.Living in Brighton since 2001, Admiring the great body of Penelope’s work, which is available to view on her website, it is clear that the above subject matters play a dramatic role in the creation of her art. Depicting images which imply influences from a wide range of traditional cultures, Penelope favors working with gold links, gold leaf and digital manipulation, from which she breathes new life into many traditional paintings. read more follow this link


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Question what our eyes tell us, as nothing is ever quite what it seems, peel back these layers, reveal real vision ~ in a sense, the essence of who we really are.

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