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To question what our eyes tell us, as nothing is ever quite what it seems, my work is an attempt to peel back these layers to reveal real vision ~ in a sense, the essence of who we really are.

The beauty of nature and the human spirit greatly inspire me and my work, which seeks to express not just external beauty but that which lies beyond and within. I have always had a passion for exploring with painting, drawing, sculpture and digital art.

A love of languages - primarily Latin - and an interest in classics also very much informs my work. The connections between ancient wisdoms, quantum physics, philosophy and spirituality are fundamental and bear considerable stylistic influence. Interpretations of these influences have varied from tribal to Indian, Maori to Aztec, suggesting a truly global sense and affirming the desire to cross boundaries of specific cultures and origin, distance and time.
Artist inspired by most ~ Klimt.

Presently my preferred mediums are calligraphy inks, gold and silver, charcoal, acrylics and 24 carat gold leaf, the latter being one of the most beautiful mediums to work with.  I also am fascinated in departing from the traditional methods and evolving hand painted work using digital techniques in post-production.  

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