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Tatiana Carapostol
​Artistic Director at StudioArTe Carapostol

“Penelope is an intellectual contemplative who observes - with noble calmness - the furious overlap of trends and time. In securing the validity of an original visual language, her art is recognizable and stylistically consistent."

​Beppe Palomba​
Presidente Accademia della Bussola

"Affirmation of Penelope’s talent, commitment and capacity is certainly well deserved. Her visionary works can project creativity beyond the ordinary, in the world of dream and fantasy."

"​Kate Cherry
​Executive Director
Meridian Museum of Art, Mississippi USA

Penelope's work is filled with energy that comes from within.  You feel a spirit has descended and has controlled her hand and thought.  Her work possesses significance through the use of colour, form and movement.  Each piece stands on its' own and has a presence of importance."

Giovanni Smedili​Curator and Director​Association Roberta Smedili"Penelope Oakley is a typical example of an artist that demonstrates how art can be experienced through various forms.  I have known her by chance on the internet, connecting through an international artists network and since then she has become a leader in events that Association Roberta Smedili carries out for Unicef.  

Penelope is an eclectic artist and lover of her graphic discoveries that she is able to transfer on many different surfaces.  In this way her visions  become artworks, able to give to those who admire them a sense of old and new at the same time. ​​
What are we looking at?
​An alien who came to meet us from far away or a medieval warrior dressed up with his bright armour?​​
What are we looking at?
​A woman from the future or a statue from an old time?
The portrayed character is freed from its outer shell and shares with the curious and fascinated observer all the inner strength he has, flying together towards what could be a daydream.
 All the Artworks are wonderfully embellished with gold and silver colours, strobe lights and transparancies that surprise the spectator, and they make him a witness of what could be the future in a future not so far away."
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