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Teresa Young & Penelope Oakley

Canadian Artist Teresa Young and British Artist Penelope Oakley’s Collaboration 2012


Teresa Young and Penelope Oakley have embarked on their first collaborative artwork together, after they initially connected through the Celeste Prize network, an international artist’s network at the beginning of 2011.

Their artworks first appeared together side by side at the Camden Art Gallery, London in a Collective Exhibition in January. From there they both exhibited at the Scoletta di San Giovanni Battista, Venice in concurrent exhibitions in May and June.Their current involvement together in another exhibition in Mississippi, USA with The Energy Art Movement sees some of their pieces coincidentally again next to each other on the same wall. Both artists were involved with the UNICEF Arte Maggio 2012 Reconstructing Childhood project.

Strangely enough, both artists were both born in Surrey, Penelope in Surrey England and Teresa in Surrey Canada. Although separated by the Atlantic, they have a lot in common, age group, backgrounds, love of art and artistic approaches. A true product of our electronics age, they have become fast friends although they have yet to meet in person.

Their idea for a collaborative work was a natural instinct for both. Since Penelope’s flowing style was surrealistic, energetic and dominated by patterns of light, and Teresa’s work was flowing, patternistic and organic, their styles were a natural fit to harmonize together in one piece. With that in mind, Teresa has painted an intricate background in her own distinctive abstract style with Penelope’s artistic style in mind. The acrylic painting is two feet wide by three feet high being sent from Canada to England and with Penelope’s contribution their first collaboration is now complete.“The Undermind of Enchantment”.

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International Celeste Prize Painting Entry 2012


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