Collaborations ~ Supporting ~Working Together

Organisations, Artists, Creators, Curators & Storytellers...

I am interested to support, create & collobarate with others on projects, exhibitions, please get in touch.  I am open to alll ideas and am especially interested if your ideas, campaigns, projects are nature inspired related.  I look forward to hearing from you.




The Save Me Trust is an organisation which gives wild animals a voice.   

A charity that speaks out about the cruel minority in our society that feel it is their right to persecute and torture wildlife for sport. Please help me in supporting this pro-active organisation in all their hard work.  Thank You Penelope Oakley

50% of profits donated on all sales of Fox Spirit & She Rises.

Fine Art Giclee Prints and Gift Products are Available, whilst the Original Fox Spirit Painting has now been SOLD thankyou to my lovely buyer from Wales.