Artworks are

Night Owl & Beyond the Birds

Rusty is an African Barn Owl, she is 11 months old.  She lives with her many feathered friends including Hawks, Buzzards, Little Owl, Great Horndale and a Siberian Owl called Luna who is a rescue owl, her name is Luna and she is 4 years old.......and I am hoping to meet her soon.  She lives with as do all the owls mentioned her lovely family at 1066 Falconlry.

Rusty was very inquisitive and friendly and I am looking forward to meeting with her again soon.  Whilst photographing the owls Rusty was in mid feather ruffling motion and the image I captured was very special, thank you Rusty.


Artworks are

Gold Whistler, Whistler 

Whistler is a Great Horndale and he is 15 years old, he is very regal and extremely photogenic and I think he knows it!!


Artworks are

Tiny by Day & Nighttime Little Owl

Tiny is suitably named, he is a Little Owl and is 2 and half years old.  He is rather adorable.  The paintings/images were created from my own photography of all the owls.  

Thank you Rusty, Whistler & Tiny and by no means last the wonderful people from 1066 Falcolnry who are based in Battle